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Cloud Recording for Host View vs Local Recording With Interpretation


I have always been under the impression that the Host view and language setting is what the Cloud recording captures for whatever account login is used for the Host but it seems I may be mistaken. In my most recent session, my cloud recording  audio was English and my slide view (with me as host sharing English) recorded as Spanish. Here was my setup:


I broadcast using 3 separate computers and have separate assistants login on different accounts as Participants with corresponding slides and languages. Students (Participants) then choose their appropriate view and language:


A) Me = Host = English Slides, my Host screen is shared, Interpretation in English

B) Assistant 1 on remote computer, Participant Mode, (records locally)= shares Spanish deck, screen views in Spanish View, Spanish Interpretation Channel Audio

C) Assistant 2 on remote computer, Participant Mode, (records locally)= Shares Portuguese Slides, Portuguese View, Active Speaker View, Portuguese Interpretation Channel.


Can anyone spot the error? My account cloud recording came back as the correct active speaker spotlight BUT the Spanish view and English audio (so I had to edit 90 mins of view and lost my active speaker view). I cannot see any where in my meeting controls where I could have broadcast a different screen view when I was viewing my own English slides and the participants never called out I was displaying the wrong slides. Totally perplexed!


Secondly, I always try to initiate the cloud recording first (since it is my master recording to share) before I allow any local recorders to initiate. Is the cloud recording the "master" or do any local recordings trump it in the account recording file? Or, if anyone else in the org uses the same account login, would that affect it?


I need to sort this and make it a SOP for our team manual...and we may be adding a 4th language/view soon! Thanks for any advice!



Hi Angela,


I hope you were easily able to resolve your issue.  


I also offer simultaneous interpretation from primarily English into Spanish, Portuguese, and now Italian as well.


Unfortunately, I don't have the support yet to consistently record on multiple devices as you are.  I celebrate your set up though! 🙂


I'm having another challenge that you might have some insight into how to resolve.


I record my quadrilingual classes to the cloud and I download the separate audio tracks for the participants.  I thought in the past that I was able to download the video in English only but now it seems as though the only choice for downloading is the raw audio so when a non-English speaker speaks, it does not capture the interpretation in English.  


Might you have any suggestions as to how to record and/or download the video in English only?


With much gratitude,