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Unable to unmap esc hotkey, conflicts with windows


In Zoom, I mostly use it to give presentations, with PowerPoint and live browser demonstrations to teach people how to perform certain tasks.  I can't get rid of the meeting controls as they keep returning, as I've discovered, when I hit the Esc key.  For example, I use Esc in many Windows applications (e.g., MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and I use VI in Cygwin.  It is very disruptive to the presentation, and the meeting controls screw up the recording of the meeting as the image gets corrupted.  The existing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-H is good for toggling meeting controls, as I don't use that sequence anywhere else.

However, the Esc hotkey needs to be turned off.  Ditto for Alt, too, as Alt by itself is not a key sequence for typing by itself, just as Shift is not a key sequence for typing by itself.


HOW DO I DISABLE THE ESC HOTKEY? And, if it doesn't exist already, please implement this immediately!!!


Error Codes: None

Device Type: Windows

Zoom Version: 5.16.10 (26186)

Troubleshooting: Reviewed support articles, reviewed settings and hotkey settings.