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4K Monitor causing slow down?



I just updated to a new 32" LP 4K monitor. This is a higher resolution than I was running previously. Now, when I engage Zoom everything serious lags. It's not just screen sharing or anything, just starting. It does get a little better with the camera off and minimal people on, but its still lags.

I've optimized my screen resolution (3840x2160) and the recommended scaling (150%). I'm running a new desktop with an Intel UHD and AMD Radeon RX57 GPUs. I'm hardwired in.

One suggestion I see online is to lower the resolution of my desktop. That seems counterproductive to having a new monitor. Any suggestions for getting Zoom to respond better?







Just FYI, it's not necessarily the 4K monitor, but rather the DPI (scaling) being set to 150%. I just opened a case for a user at my work...they're seeing Zoom take a while to join a meeting and their mouse-clicks don't register, which made the user think Zoom was frozen and they were unable to end the meeting they were hosting -- as soon as I changed their DPI scaling to 100%, all that bugginess went away...but with the scaling at 100% and the screen resolution at 3840 x 2160, everything on the screen is too small to read -- I really hope Zoom fixes this in an upcoming release.

Wow, for the user at my work, we just decided to try a different configuration between the two 4K monitors; we decided that instead of using two DisplayPort cables, we changed to connecting to one monitor via USB-C and the other monitor with a DisplayPort -- as soon as we did that, we noticed the monitors were now running at 60Hz rather than 30Hz; and everything seems to be behaving.


I am having the same issue, constant zoom freeze seconds after launching a zoom meeting since using 4k dual monitors. Nothing worked for me. Any update fron Zoom on this?


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I'm in total agreement with all you. I've got dual 32" 4K monitors and am having the same problems. I'll take a look at that scaling. Thank you.