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Outlook is started automatically when Zoom is running




I do have a very curious problem with my Zoom client along with MS Outlook:

1. Whenever I do start Zoom, Outlook is started as well

2. When I then stop Outlook (and Zoom is running in tray) Outlook is restarting after about 10-20 minutes by itself

3. When I stop Outlook (and Zoom is running in tray) I can start Outlook by clicking on "Meetings" at the top bar in Zoom


To be honest, this is really annoying as I do use another email client and I cannot uninstall Outlook due to my company constraints. Is the above behavior actually intended?


What I have done so far:

- Reinstalled both Zoom and Outlook

- Reinstalled Zoom Outlook plugin

- disabled Outlook Integration in Zoom settings


Some evironment stuff:

- Windows 11 64-Bit Build 22621

- Zoom 5.17.11

- MS Office Professional 16.0.10408.20002


Thank you in advance