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Speakers and Panellists


Two questions ...


1. I am setting up a Zoom Events conference and I am asked to enter details for Speakers and for Panellists. I am wondering what the difference is between the two (e.g. are their tickets different? Do they have different permissions/access? Are they both free tickets?)


2. I will be participating in the webinar sessions as a host/moderator, but I don't want to feature myself in the agenda etc. Do I need to add myself as a Speaker/Panellist, or will I automatically be the host as I am the one setting up the event?




Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Great questions, @mcfly !


Let's start with question number 2. You do not need to feature yourself in any session. As Host, you will be able to enter each session while a primary speaker acts as the focus of that session. 


As for question number 1, I'm pasting some content from our support articles about Zoom Events Tickets, Roles, and Permissions. Please let us know if you still have questions about what a user can/can't do. 



Panelists have access to tools that allow them to enhance their participation during a Webinar event. Panelists have video, chat, and screen-share permissions.

Panelists have permission to:

  • Mute/unmute themselves
  • Start/stop their own video
  • Turn on their video and chat
  • View and answer questions in the Q&A window
  • Annotate on shared screens
  • Share their screen

Panelists will also receive a Panelist ticket so they can join all other sessions.



Speakers will be able to speak in the sessions they are assigned to and will have their image displayed in the Speaker tab. The Speaker bio will be displayed on the event detail page and in the event lobby.

Speakers have permission to:

  • Start the session they are assigned to

In their assigned sessions, Speakers can:

Speakers will also receive a Speaker ticket so they can join all other sessions.



Primary Speaker

The Primary Speaker is the main speaker of a specified session and will have their image displayed in the Speaker tab. Every session must have a Primary Speaker listed.

The Primary Speaker has permission to:

The Primary Speaker will also receive a Speaker ticket so they can join all other sessions.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@mcflyI I run a weekly test event.  You are welcome to join to try out the zoom events platform.  More details in my group

Denise Lahat
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