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Live streaming to Facebook Page not working


I used to stream to my facebook page, but since last week I've not been able to stream to my active page as I the drop down like is not showing my active page.

Instead the drop down list were showing the inactive pages .


What has changed ?   and what do I need to do to be able to stream to my active page again ?




Please launch the meeting livestream: Live on Facebook in your meeting controls, on the configuration page please click on Facebook security settings.


Please launch the meeting livestream: Live on Facebook in your meeting controls, on the configuration page please click on Facebook security settings.



 on the next window click on Edit access.



It will now show you a window with the list of your Facebook Groups and make sure the group you’re looking for is enabled, if it is showing as enabled please toggle disable/re-enable button. 





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Contributor I

If you are experiencing issues with live streaming to your Facebook Page, here are a few things you can try:

Check your Facebook settings: Make sure that your Facebook Page is set up for live streaming. Go to your Page settings and click on the "Videos" tab. Under "Live videos," check that the "Stream key" and "Server URL" are correctly set up.

Check your streaming software: Make sure that your streaming software (e.g. OBS, Wirecast) is correctly configured to stream to Facebook. Check that you have entered the correct stream key and server URL in your software's settings.

Check your internet connection: Live streaming requires a stable and fast internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast enough to support live streaming.


I've been livestreaming to FB via Zoom weekly for three years to one of the pages I manage which has 90K followers. Yesterday when I tried it my list of managed pages wasn't there and the only options were to my timeline or to select a group. I checked all the settings and everything seems to be set correctly. Also, I changed nothing on FB or Zoom prior to the inability to select a page I manage. The only thing I can think of is that I updated Chrome earlier in the day. Could that be the problem? Any guidance would be appreciate as the livestream is an integral part of my business. Thank you.

I have the same issue.  I have been streaming directly to FB from zoom.  I think this might be related to Business Suite.  Does anyone have any insight?

 I have had the exact same issue this week. The same thing happened to my organization's live stream with a Mevo camera.

SAME!!! It's crazy, nothing I've tried works to fix this.

same here! suddenly from one day to another it happened with one of my pages too! 3 out of 6 of my pages does not show in the drop down, for selection 😞


the thing is, I had this in December. O could stream in september, when you posted. strange!!


I have the same issue today, any help?

Not so far. The support person doesn't seem to understand the difference between Groups and Fan Pages (pages I manage). It's frustrating. Hope to get a fix for it soon.

At least I know I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.


I have the same issue.  A FB page just dropped off my list.  Other FB pages remain. Nothing was changed on my side.


I am actually experiencing the same problem at this time which is frustrating considering we use live streams for many of our zoom webinars.  Facebook Page is no longer listed as an option in the dropdown menu - for some reason I am seeing groups and my timeline only - which never occurred before. I hope zoom fixes this pronto.


I am experiencing the same problem, it's frustrating because Zoom support does not offer a right answer... I guess we will just have to wait...


The Zoom support people don't seem to understand the difference between a FB business/fan page and a FB group. The business page access is what's missing when I tried to go live. Frustrating.


I have the same problem and so frustrating as I had a schedued webinar! I have not changed anything in fb settings or zoom. If this stays like that I would need to quit zoom and go to stream yard

But i ma glad i am not alone with this problem


Having the same issu here. Facebook page option doesn't appear anymore... just timeline.

The issue appears to be resolved. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi Gwen, my business pages are showing up again in Zoom to stream.

It is also working from my end as well. Really happy the issue has been resolved.

Have been having this same issue. I was using MS Edge. Zoom was not blocked in FB. Zoom support was not able to resolve it.  FINALLY... I changed my default browser from MS Edge to Chrome.  Now works properly. 

¿Cómo resolviste? por favor

Having the same issue too. Tried Zoom customer service but they are chat bots only...



Hi everyone! I am happy to hear that the issue seems to be resolved for some of you. It may have been a temporary glitch in connection with Zoom and Facebook. Nonetheless, I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. 


If you are still experiencing issues with Facebook Livestream, please clear your browser's cache and cookies and see if this resolves the issue. In case you've already done so, you might want to consider trying a different browser to see if that resolves the issue. Additionally, just to ensure everything is in order,  kindly confirm whether Zoom has been blocked in the Facebook page settings. You can refer to the screenshot I've attached below for guidance.

image (3).png


Thank you al for your contributions to the community! I hope this helps 🙂

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

This didn't work for me. Any other solutions? My page name doesn't show up 

These are not solutions as Zoom is not blocked. If you read the posts for the people who are having the same problem, there is some sort of glitch at Zoom that has been a problem for two full weeks. The FB pages we stream from are not showing up on the dropdown menu when we try to go live. Other pages we never use for live streaming ARE showing up on the list. It seems the only one deleted is the one each of us needs among our FB business pages.


Clearing the cache does nothing--already tried it. There's a glitch at Zoom. Please fix it because you are causing businesses to lose money.

I totally get it. I have been sending them crap for them to solve the issue on there end. I love streaming , but it’s an alternative till they fix the issue. Gratef to stream back to my page 

Same here. Indeed, 3 out of my FB Pages are now showing - those that I used for streaming.


This issue is happening again fow a few weeks now.

Is ZOOM doing anything about it?

Been trying to stream from zoom to facebook page but it's not showing up in the pull down menu as an option. Never had this before and i've changed no settings. Is there a fix for this as need to be able to stream live?

Sadly still only 2 of my 4 FB pages show in the Zoom dropbox for selection when we try to go live... We have had to use one of those 2 pages, which don't have as large of a following as teh main page where we used to do them. What is different about those 2 pages? All 4 are owned by me and are set up the same way. Friends of ours have the same issue going on with their Zoom to FB Lives, too...


This is how I solved the problem with no assistance from Zoom. I created a new FB account using an email address not connected to my previous one. It was a Yahoo email I rarely check and only use when someone requires an email and I don't want to give them my active account. I then added that page as an admin on the FB business page from which I Zoom, giving the new account complete access to everything.  Once the process was completed and I accepted the invite to admin, I was able to live stream from the business page with no problem. It was suggested by my tech person. Not sure if Zoom will ever resolve the issue but this fix Works.

This seems helpful. Will try this. Thanks for some alternative. Zoom has closed the case. Their solution is custom live only. Which is not practical for frequent sessions. For which zoom says contact FB. 

Facebook has sent out notifications for pages and business, they are no longer allowing group or page live stream unless you use stream key through zoom.  Half the time that doesn’t work either. 

Has this issue been resolved yet? Clearing cache, trying different browser, and checking Zoom settings are not working. I've even tried adding a new admin account to my FB business page to begin the live stream, and I still cannot view/select my page.

You have to create a completely different/new FB profile using an email address you haven't used in the past with FB. Once that is done, send the new page an invite to be an admin for your page. Go to that page and accept the invite. Once that is done, you'll be able to stream from that page, but before starting your Zoom stream you'll need to first log off of your existing FB and log in to the new one. You have to do this BEFORE signing in to your Zoom account and starting your streaming.

This works. Once I made this change (in February) I haven't had any problems live-streaming from FB using Zoom. I live-stream every Tuesday evening for two hours.

Facebook stopped allowing it. Zoom and Facebook are only compatible with the stream key.


Anyone still having this issue as of February 2024? I just tried to livestream an important event just to find out the page I was going to stream on has disappeared from the dropdown menu.

Hello Michelle.  I have spent over 4 hours working to resolve this issue.  I had multiple pages available to me to stream to from Zoom.  Now I have only two and they are the two that I have NEVER livestreamed to, EVER.  This is VERY frustrating and I've lost significant ground by not being able to live stream.  I did not make any changes to Facebook and I have no idea how to get my pages back.  Today is 2/10/2024 so this is definitely not resolved to my satisfaction.  Can someone please help us?  TIA


Same situation with me, it's only showing a page that I haven't touched in three years. However, it seems to be working correctly from my husband's computer once I added him as an admin to the Facebook page. No clue why it shows on his as we both have it configured the same way... Extremely frustrating.

Same is happening to me.  So frustrating as I have been streaming from zoom to Facebook for years