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Turn off Zoom AI Companion and other AI features


How do I turn off AI features and avoid them automatically going off on my Zoom meetings? The field "Automatically start Meeting Summary for all meetings I host" has been unchecked, but this hasn't fixed the issue.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @eramos All AI companion features, including Smart Recording, Meeting Summary, and AI Companion questions, are disabled by default. Zoom gives administrators granular control of the features through account and group level settings. Our AI support articles have more details about enabling and disabling AI features:
Which specific feature is popping up in your meetings and can you please confirm if you are the admin for your account?

Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi Virginia,

I am also interested in learning more about the AI features Zoom is now offering and from what I understood so far, Admins have full control about the Zoom internal AI features, which is good and I will keep them disabled for now.


What however if a participant to one of my Zoom meetings brings in their 'virtual/AI assistant' from Google or any other 'external provider' of such services?


So far I addressed the topic in my Zoom calls and removed those AI assistants from the meeting as I would with participants that do not belong there, but I am not sure if that is all I can do to ensure that no data is going to places that I don't know of either in form of a meeting notes, transcripts or whatever is out there. 


Will there be a 'confirmation button' soon - similar to the recording confirmation button - that would highlight to all members of the meeting (participants and organizers alike) when external AI features are used in the background by participants ?


In order for AI to gain more trust, transparency is desperately needed, especially in meetings in which sensitive data might be exchanged as part of the meeting and so it should not be possible by anyone - neither organizers nor participants to use AI features without the consent of everyone on the call.


Looking forward to your response.


Thank you very much,


I also have this issue with AI companion and summary taking up space in my toolbar when I do not want these functions.  Is there a way to remove them? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @LoriL1 

I answered a similar question in a different post about how to disable this in-meeting options: ZOOM AI COMPANION - Can I UN-install this from Zoom? 


Hope that helps and let me know if you have any further questions. Otherwise, make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Could you perhaps answer Ute's concerns about how the settings on other participants might allow AI features to be used to access confidential information? You do not cover this in your other post.?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

As far as Zoom AI Companion use in meetings, only the host of the meeting can activate these features, so a participant wouldn't be able to initiate these without the host's consent. And if the host enables these features in a meeting, everyone will be provided with a consent prompt, similar to the recording consent you mentioned. 

It is possible that participants may use other, non-Zoom created AI features, such as some AI transcription apps on the Zoom Marketplace, but those should also be indicated as an active app in the meeting. I do think I've read that some of these apps are being updated to require host permission before accessing the meeting for transcript generation, but I don't follow updates to these 3rd party apps as closely as direct Zoom updates.  

how do I turn off or disable all AI companion?

Not true. Mine say disabled, since the update I have all the buttons I DON"t need visible, while the ones I want are in "More". I went to a meeting recently where only the ones needed were showing. I have spent so many  hours trying to figure out how to change this. We do not use "scheduled" meetings, we just into our personal id room of the account of the meeting. I think this used to be called Zoom Rooms. Zoom settings are the most confusing I have ever encountered.


I am also having a problem with AI showing up in the clients, even tho AcctMgmt/AcctSettings/AICompanion has all the slide selectors turned OFF.  Both the Summary and AI Companion icons remain on the Zoom taskbar.  That includes both on Win10 and Linux Cinnamon versions.

Thank you. I have now turned off all these features in my Account Settings, and hidden them from my taskbar.

However, what I would really like is for you to introduce a more basic subscription which does not include these expensive, unwanted features. I object to paying for them, and being bombarded with emails about them!

Anyone else trying these needs to be aware that it is necessary to click the eye next to 'Shown in Meetings Toolbar', and Save this setting.

Also for the other options in the list afterwards - click each eye and save separately.




how do i turn off the AI feature, App, and other apps that i do not want cluttering my zoom screen?


Sometimes, you just need a breather from the constant tech assistance. I wish someone had clued me in earlier on the beauty of manual control. To dial back the AI features, head into your Zoom settings, navigate to the AI Companion section, and flip the switch to turn off the digital sidekick. It's a game-changer, allowing you to reclaim your space, navigate conversations at your own pace, and, frankly, enjoy a bit of good old-fashioned human autonomy without the AI chatter.


When doing this recommendation, my controls were all grayed out.  To the right, it said "Locked by Admin".  Finally found instructions by Bort that direct one how to do it from the Admin page.  Here is the link:  I asked him if he could get it posted to the AI Companion Support page so everyone can see it right away.


I have a paid/licensed zoom account with just me and I'm trying to disable AI Companion from automatically starting when a new meeting is launched; however, the feature is ghosted and it says it was locked but the admin. I am the admin and the only one one the account. Where do I need to go to disable this feature? I do want to be able to have AI Companion create a meeting summary (when I choose to), but not automatically for every meeting. 

I have this same issue and have been unable to gain any assistance from anyone at Zoom in helping to get it shut off.  I just get the same answer that I need to disable it - which I can't because it is locked by the admin and I am the admin.  It's ridiculous.  They have zero support on this .


 I did figure it out eventually. Instead of looking in the settings in the first section (which is under the personal section), you need to go down to the admin section and you'll see Account Settings.  In Account Settings, find meeting settings, use the toggle to completely turn it off OR uncheck the button that says automatically start . You can review and change all the account settings there.


So basically, all the master settings for the account are in the admin section that will apply to all meetings.  See below. Hope this helps!



  • Account Settings

    Meeting (Use the toggle switch here to turn off)

    Meeting Summary with AI Companion

    Allow hosts to generate a summary. Summaries are sent after the meeting has ended based on the share options.
    Automatically start Meeting Summary for all meetings I host (uncheck this box)
    Share summary with
    Only me (meeting host) (check this box unless you want others to receive the AI summary)
    Only me (meeting host) and meeting invitees in our organization
    All meeting invitees including those outside of our organization

    AI Companion Questions

    Allow hosts and invited participants to ask questions to the AI Companion during a meeting. Questions are answered based on the conversation transcript.
    Automatically start AI Companion questions for all meetings I host
    Who can ask questions to AI Companion?
    All participants 
    All participants only from when they join
    Only hosts


    Smart Recording with AI Companion

    By enabling it, your cloud recording can have recording highlights, summary and smart chapters, next steps, and meeting coach. technology, which may include third-party models.

    Team Chat

    Team Chat Thread Summary with AI Companion

    Summarize lengthy threads and catch up on important details at a glance.

    Team Chat Compose with AI Companion

    Use AI to help users compose a response from scratch or wordsmith their chat messages.

    Whiteboard Content Generation with AI Companion

    Use AI to help users create content on the whiteboard canvas. Add, modify and extend content on the board.
    Mail & Calendar


    Email Compose with AI Companion

    Use AI to help users compose a response from scratch or wordsmith their emails on the Zoom Mail Client.