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I need to edit the title on meeting summary. How do I do that?


I need to edit titles on meeting summaries to be able to identify the discussion easily. The meeting summary edit function only opens edit for the meeting content. 

I've changed titles on meeting recordings but the highlight and replace doesn't work in meeting summary.

Is this active but done a different way? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @DorothyE ! It is not currently possible to edit the title of meeting summaries.  

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

PLEASE add this feature of being able to edit the title of meeting summaries. This new tool is a godsend for my coaching work, but not being able to label the titles is really frustrating if I need to go back to a summary to make sure I copied and pasted the contents into my notes.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @kellysoif 

We've brought this up with the relevant teams at Zoom as a feature request. 

Yes, please! I do lots of short, 1-on-1 meetings in a single day and editing the title would save me so much time sorting through the summaries to find the one to which I want to refer.

Why does the meeting summary title not match the name of the calendar invite, which is set up using Zoom.  For instance I have a recurring meeting, with some instances of the meeting a more descriptive title. The Meeting Summary uses the descriptive title from future meetings rather than the name of the Zoom meeting I enabled the summary on. 

I agree; this is much needed!


HUGE thanks Bort. I've got physical limitations with my ability to type. This new tool is EXACTLY what I need but labeling the titles is needed. Thanks again.


I cannot sena meeting summary to the owner of a construction company in New Jersey names "Discussion with Micky Schlick concerning Monatan Tattoo Company.

The inability to edit the incorrect title of this discussion renders it largely useless, which is very sad and unprofessional

Zoom, either you want to support your paid professional users in a professional way, or you do not.

I'm expecting I may need to put in a large short order on Zoom stock if you can't escalate this issue.

Moderator, please escalate this "feature requirement " to someone with the authority to allocate someone's time to fix it ASAP.

This is a bug, and a major one.