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Can't turn off AI meeting summaries - says is locked by admin even though I am the account owner


I can't turn off "locked by admin" on Settings > AI Companion > Meeting Summary with AI Companion even though I am the account owner and only user. I want to turn off "Allow hosts to generate a summary."  

I can't find out how to unlock this section so I can turn off these AI Companion Meeting Summaries.


I just upgraded zoom to 6.0.x.  Didn't help

I logged into zoom settings using incognito mode - -didn't help

I switched to another browser and logged in - -didn't help.

it's all grayed out, saying I don't have enough privileges to change these options/turn AI Companion meeting summaries off.




Hi @rickined!


To turn off this setting, first ensure you're in the "ADMIN" section of your settings, then select Account Settings.

Next, navigate to the AI Companion tab. Disable both features under the Meeting section: Meeting Summary with AI Companion and AI Companion Questions.


Once disabled, you'll see an additional option displayed below each setting, indicating their visibility in the meetings toolbar. Click those options for each setting so that it shows "Hidden in Meetings toolbar," then select Save to confirm the changes.


Keep in mind that these changes will only affect meetings scheduled by you and others on your Zoom account. If you join someone else's meeting, their account settings may be different.


Let me know if that helps! 

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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