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Can't share AI Summary


I want to share the AI meeting summary however the share button is disabled and says to enable email notifications. I've checked my email notifications and believe they are turned on.  Is there a specific notification setting that must be on? If so what is it? I can't find anything in the help information. 



I am having this exact same issue! It would be so helpful to have a hyperlink when it says "enable email notifications".




Make sure general email notifications are turned on in your account settings. This is usually found under a section like "Notifications" or "Preferences".


To my knowledge, all email notificaiton settings are enabled.  Thats the problem it looks like a bug with some settings working together. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @ngalassi 

Did you see the response from @Micahroando?
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Still no resolution. Specific guidance on the exact setting(s) that need to be turned on should be part of the documentation for this feature, feels halfbaked. And I shouldn't have to wait a month for any sort of official guidance. We are still blocked, folks are copy/pasting the notes into emails.


Would love for someone from zoom to look at this to give us a solution. 

If you are still having trouble you could copy paste the noted into an email. You could also set up a webhook workflow to automate this. If you are not a developer there is a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, that lets you share the meeting AI summary.