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User not recieving Confirmation Email


We recently updated a users email. However, the user is being prompted to "Confirm your email address" when trying to login but is not receiving anything to his inbox. We have checked the junk/Spam folder, we have made sure the email address is spelled correctly (it is).




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @SACZoomAdmin , I have asked to have a support ticket created for this issue. The technical support team should be able to see if there is anything stopping an email to be sent out from Zoom's end. The technical support team may ask for the email address of the one having the issue.


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We are having the same issue.  Nothing is going out from ZOOM.  No one - all attendees have different email addresses - not a company email address - is receiving these.  We need this resolved ASAP


We are having the same issue. Resending manually from registrants list does not work, either.