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Time Zone of Incoming Zoom Call


We have an issue with a Zoom participant who claims to not being admitted to a Zoom meeting even though she tried five times to dial in.   She even emailed two screen shots of her phone calls to the Zoom dial-in options.  However, three calls to Zoom's NY area code and two calls to Zoom's WA area code were all made between 12 noon and 12:20 pm on the day of the Zoom meeting which did not begin until 3:00 pm EDT.  What we need to know is whether the time zone in which phone calls to a Zoom meeting can be determined.  If this person made five phone calls to be admitted to a 3 pm EDT Zoom meeting between 2:40 and 3:00 hours early, she would not be admitted because the meeting had not started.  If she was calling from the PDT zone, it is possible that her screen shots between 12 noon and 12:20 pm coincided with the 3 pm EST Zoom meeting.  However, she never appeared in the waiting room before or during the meeting, nor did the host receive any Zoom notification that she had joined the meeting in advance.  Can anyone help?