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Zoom Rooms - How to delete/cancel instant meeting from Display or Controller once started?


Brand new zoom rooms setup here. Testing an ad hoc meeting by using the "Reserve" button on the display Neat Pad outside the room, there is no way to then cancel that instant meeting. We can only allow it to time out. I read the below text here:

but we do not get any popups at all, the display screen is static. How to cancel and free up the room?

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How to remove a meeting from the scheduling display

Meetings that appear on the scheduling display can be also be removed using that scheduling display. To remove a meeting that was added from the scheduling display:

  1. Tap the meeting topic on the scheduling display.
    • If the meeting was scheduled using the calendar, a popup dialog provides only the Close option. 
    • If the meeting was scheduled from the scheduling display, the pop-up dialog displays both the Close option and the Delete option.
  2. Tap Delete.
    The meeting is removed from the calendar in the scheduling display, the controller, and the calendar associated with the room.


Same Problem here. Need a solution please


Same issue.