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Smart Gallery not working on Poly Studio x50


We have several Zoom Rooms running on the Poly Studio x50 platform. We cannot get the Smart Gallery function to work, even though it shows as an option on the room controller.

All rooms have been fully updated to v5.9.4 (controllers are at 5.9.3).

What are we missing?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


   Have you updated the x50 firmware?

After enabling Smart Gallery you may need to reboot the system for it to be enabled. If you've done this recently it may take a day or so to sync.


Hope that helps!

Thank you, I kicked off firmware updates for all of them yesterday - going from 3.9.1-360007 to 3.10.0-362035. Some compeleted succesfully while others appear to have hung. I'll get them all upgraded, do another reboot for good measure, and try again. I'll report back after. 

As an update - after the firmware updates the x50's certainly appear to be *trying* to do a Smart Gallery. We tested in one of our smaller rooms with three participants and it created three different participant windows but each had a real hard time achieving and maintaining focus on an individual, even when we experimented with different seating positions at the table. It finally settled down on one of them but the other two windows had their camera angles constantly shifting and the position of each speaker in our remote participants' Zoom Gallery kept changing as well. It was not a smooth experience or one that I would dare turn on for any of users. We will continue to test but I was not impressed with what I've seen thus far and it seems it still needs some work.