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Error message from Zoom Room when trying to enter activation code on Neat Pad


I have setup a Neat Bar Pro and a Neat Pad. Then I moved it to another site to set it up in a conference room. The Neat Bar Pro comes up find and I can control it through the web controller only.  When I tried to enter the activation code or pairing code on the Neat Pad I get an error, "Zoom Rooms can't verify the connection. You may have used the wrong account/site to sign in. Sign out or try again.  I signed out and tried multiple times with no luck.  Is this a firewall issue?



Hey @AmericanMagic , i had the same thing happen today. Reset pro bar and controller to default. Deleted room and recreated a new one.  I tried the zoom.us/link a dozen times to no avail. I ended up having success by changing the sign in method to the 16 digit activation code. Good luck! Chris


Thanks @chrisbeers! I got it working. The issue was my Neat Pad and Neatbar Pro were on wifi that did not have all of the ZR firewall ports opened.  I moved them to the wired network and verified the firewall entries and now everything works like a champ!