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Camera works everywhere except one room


Using Zoom in the Chrome browser, everything has worked perfectly for over a year and I haven't changed any settings. A couple of weeks ago, my camera has stopped working only in one coworker's Zoom room. It still works everywhere else, including in the preview windows that show before I join. 

It works fine in their room if I re-join from Firefox (although I can't screen share in Firefox but that's a separate issue).

The microphone works fine, but my video is disabled when I join, and the button to enable it is faded out and disabled.


I have tried clearing my browser security settings for the zoom domain, and I think that made it work for one call, but then it stopped working the next time I joined.


I had a Zoom call this morning where it worked fine. 20 minutes later, I joined this particular room and my camera wasn't working. After that call, I joined another meeting and it was working perfectly again.


This is on a Macbook that is all up-to-date as far as I know.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



The meeting host has the ability to disallow participants video. 


Have you confirmed that their meeting settings allow participant video?



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Yes, I checked with the host that they had not disabled my camera by accident. (And plus, all of the other participants' cameras were working)