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Anyone have any systems/cameras that utilize speaker focus/speaker switching that they love?


If so, what are they? (Gear/hardware)


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

We have tried them all - nothing to write home about in the Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware list.


Right now, the best operatorless system we've come across is the Poly Eagle Eye Director II running latest fw. This system is EoL, but is still available on secondary markets. We especially like the ability to daisy-chain 2 systems over LAN for intelligent shot-assessment between the 4 cams (great in boardrooms where participants may be facing either of two directions while speaking), the fact that clean cuts are used between shots (no zooming in or re-adjusting on air), and the simplicity of the setup. Optical cameras, which are WORLDS better than ANY digital 'cropping' camera that the big 4 are pushing down your throat and have all but gone the way of the buffalo, are in use here.


For a more complex and robust operatorless system (flexible, programmable logic - higher cost) , I'd look into Seervision (just bought by QSC, expect this tech to come to QSYS systems soon) or Crestron Automate VX (runs Wirecast under the hood) systems. Optical cams can/should be used with both systems.

I personally feel that the cost of these systems is so high that it makes more sense to consider whether it makes more sense to build an inexpensive broadcast workflow and have an operator run meetings in the space.


TLDR - we like the Poly Eagle Eye Director II, specifically in cascade with 2 units.