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Routing after hours phone calls to external numbers


I’m working on our calling tree and having an issue getting one element to work as needed.


When a call is placed to the main call queue, that is after business hours, the call is routed to an after-hours auto-receptionist. The AR plays a recording which gives the caller options for leaving voicemails to various departments. The last option, however, is for the caller to be able to reach an on-call (external) phone number. The On-Call AR is setup for two employees that have mobile phones that work after business hours. I’ve set up the AR for business hours to be the working hours of the first employee (supervisor 1 - Sun 7am-3pm, Mon-Wed 2pm-10pm, Sat 8am-3pm). The expectation now is that if someone selects the on-call supervisor, it will be routed to supervisor 1 during his business hours and if it’s not his hours it will be routed to supervisor 2.  


The call is handed off to the on-call AR but it the call dies there with a generic message “The person you’re trying to reach is not available” and ends. I don’t want any messages played. I just want the call forwarded to the employee on call at that time.


Can you tell me if I’m going about this the wrong way or what I am doing wrong?






Just thought I should add that these two external numbers are listed in our contacts as external numbers.


Hi Jack,


It sounds logical to me. Do you have the External Contacts setup as in the E164 format with the +1nnnnnnnn?


Had you thought about adding the two after hours supervisors to a Call Queue with their User Extensions, and sending the After Hours Contact IVR option to that Call Queue? That way, assuming that they set their Business Hours to coincide with their schedules, the appropriate persons Zoom Phone app would ring. 


Yes, the numbers are in E164 format. I did think about using a call queue instead, but they only have mobile phones, and only a basic phone license in Zoom.


The strange thing is that the schedule hours function works because I can insert an audio announcement before the call and the flow gets to the announcements, it just won't/can't execute the call to an external contact. The weird thing about it is I have dialed their number directly and the call goes through.

Hmm... try setting them as "Forward to a Phone Number" instead of "External Contact" and see if that works.


That option is not available, it's in the list but not available for choosing. I've decided, at least for now, to assign the users licenses and then auto-forward to their mobile phones. Not ideal, but it works. I still want to know why it doesn't call out the original way.


Thanks for your input FORE-Craig.

You're welcome, Jack!


It's odd that the option is not available. Do you have a phone number assigned to the AR?


I'm still learning the product, but I understood that off-net routing such as to a mobile phone requires a license.  Perhaps that explains the issue?