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Porting Numbers & Setting Up Desk Phones


Hi All,


I am in the process of moving from Ring Central to Zoom Phone. I want to know:


1) If I set up my current desk phones to be compatible with Zoom Phone will it no longer work with Ring Central because my numbers are not ported yet?

2) To confirm, once my numbers have ported, they will be inactive with Ring Central?


What would you recommend I do to best coordinate this so we don't have any downtime?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

1. The phones will work and could work with temporary numbers, but you are correct your ported numbers will ring to RC up until the moment they port to Zoom.

2. Yes they would stop ringing to RC and start to Zoom.


It will depend on your preferences on how to coordinate this, but because both services have mobile and desktop apps it seems you could leverage those to ensure you don't miss calls or have much disruption, right?  So maybe retrovision your desk phones from RC to Zoom the afternoon before the port is scheduled and then use the RingCentral app until calls start ringing on your desk phones with Zoom would be one idea.