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Moving one site into another one


I have a main Corp site Corp-Main, with several sub-sites, corp-fl, corp-ny.  Each sub-site  "almost" has the  same settings for users vm, hold music etc as the Corp-Main. I want all sites to have same settings as Corp-main. 


If I move Corp-FL into Corp-Main, will Corp-FL take on all the setting that Corp-Main has?



What do you mean by 'move' one site to another? All the extensions? I don't know of any way to "merge" one site into another. If moving extensions, I'm not sure that the settings on a given extension will update to match those set at the site level. Probably will have to use templates to help ensure this?

One thing to watch out for is ensuring your e911 settings can still be set to give the correct location for each actual office location, presumably using sub-locations in the new master site....


Hi @dylanhunt,


When you navigate to Company Info > Corp-FL, you'll have the option to delete the site.


When you press the red "Delete Site" button, you will be forced to move everything from Corp-FL to Corp-Main.

This will include all users (and their assets), phone numbers, and devices. 


The settings for the target site (Corp-Main) will then be applied to all transferred entries.


So long story short.. Yes.. If you move Corp-FL into Corp-Main, everything in Corp-FL take on all the settings in Corp-Main.


Hope this helps!



oh yes, I had forgotten about that behaviour when deleting a site. I'll note that the documentation doesn't say that all the settings will be overwritten with those set at the site level for that site, so I'd be sure to confirm that if that is what you want to happen.

I expect that the site level policy settings would get set, but other settings might not. Especially if a user has customized phone settings at the extension level. I think this is why they have templates, though those seem someone limited in use.