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Max merged calls


Is there a maximum number of calls that can be merged? Our team works with people who don't speak English, so we often need to merge in translators as well as other staff members. As we're building out those workflows, we wanted to understand if there is a limit to the number of calls that we can merge together.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello beckettCB.

Here is an article that explains Zoom Phone conferencing:


In any case, you can always elevate the call to a Meeting to extend the participants capacity greatly, but then it will depend of how your Meetings settings are done, if external PSTN calls are allowed, etc. but it is possible, and the advantage of that is on a Meeting you could have the capability of adding Translated Captions, etc. that can help on the situation you are describing. It might be worth taking a look. 


I hope this helps, but Zoom is constantly adding AI capabilities so Real-time translation might be a future feature, who knows.