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Automatical redirect Zoom calls when in a Google calendar meeting




We are new to Zoom phone. For video calls and other appointments we use Google Meet.


Is it possible to connect both services to have Zoom phone calls redirected (to a different number / voice mail) when we have a video call / appointment / blocked time in our Google calendar?


I only found a solution when Zoom is used for video calls as well.


Appreciate your help!


Best regards,




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

I am not aware of a way.  Two ideas/workarounds I can thing of:

- You can manually forward/unforward calls pretty easily/quickly with the desktop zoom app before and after meetings.  

- If you consider moving to zoom meetings there is an option to "hide incoming calls while in a meeting"


I had the same question as OP. We are also new to Zoom phone, and we do use Zoom for video calls, but also occasionally use Meet, Teams, or whatever our client may prefer. There are also other meeting types in our Google calendar (lunch, in-person, etc.) that sure would be useful if it simply linked with Zoom phone to auto-update the user's availability.


We are already connected via Google, and Google contacts are nicely synced into Zoom contacts. It seems like the calendar sync is an obvious next step. I have set the "hide incoming calls while in a meeting" that BrandonS noted. But having to manually update availability is perplexing. Am I missing something? Do we need to sync Zoom calendar to our Google calendars?