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After hours call queue extension?




We have setup auto receptionist that forwards all incoming calls to a call queue extension that answers during specific business hours.  After hours, it goes to voicemail after a greeting with our business hours. 


After hours, none of our employees can get through to the office since it goes to voicemail.  Is there a way to set up a 24/7 extension or call queue that employees can call to get through to anyone (assigned members) in the office?


Thank you!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @MikeCWS 

I think there might be a couple of things you can try, but I need to know a bit more about your use case.

You could try, for example, in the CLOSED Handling, instead of sending the call to Voicemail like you are doing today, just do another IVR with a "Hidden" option that just the employees will know to transfer the call to the Call Queue you mentioned.

That record that CLOSED IVR Greeting sounding like it is a Voicemail, but put a timeout of a few seconds so callers that know have enough time to press it, and if nothing is pressed, then you can Overflow/Transfer the call to the Voicemail exactly like you had it before.

Let me know if this accomplish what you are looking for.