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problem with keyboard shortcuts in zoom for linux


Hello, good morning, I have a problem with zoom for linux (the ubuntu version), the problem is that when I mute the audio with the keyboard, the shortcut doesn't work, preventing me from following the zoom conference (it's a course), I have a equipment not compatible with windows 11 and I need a series of programs in which there is uncertainty as to whether they will continue to work in windows 10 after the end of support for it, so going back to windows is not an option nor do I want to do the dual boot on my computer.

please, could you tell me how to solve the problem? I imagine that zoom for ubuntu will have dependencies, what is the package that is causing the error that I am commenting on? I would like to before formatting (of course, it will have to be linux), learn about this operating system, since there are things that have to be interacted with commands in this system and I would like to use it again this way (I have experience in the command environment since I lived in the days of MS-DOS)

waiting for your news, receive a greeting



Same issue here, both native and flatpak versions dont follow simple keybindings like Alt+A to mute. Zoom 5.15 tested on both debian 12.1 and ubuntu 22.04