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Password not working


I continue having a strange problem where zoom tells me the password is wrong when trying to join a meeting. The password is just 1 character long (not very secure, I know, but not my choice, and  it's a meeting open to the general public in my area anyways), so I'm not typing it in wrong. Additionally, if I open the meeting in the web browser (same computer, keyboard, etc) I can join, but only in the browswer, If I click to open the Zoom Client it doesn't work. Using the same account on my phone works too.

Interestingly, in the meeting history drop down, the meeting will initially show up as usual (ie  with the name "Weekly Information Meeting"). Then after choosing it, inputting the correct password, and being told the password is wrong, the name changes on the history drop down to the generic "Zoom Meeting".


I've tried the following:

-Restarting computer

-Logging out of zoom

-Clearing the meeting history

-Checking for updates (there were none)

-Having the meeting host check for updates (again, there were none)

-Clicking "don't connect to audio" (a suggestion from another user)

-Starting my own meeting, closing it, and trying again (another suggestion from others)


This seems to be related to the Client itself. Interestingly, it happens most often after I update Zoom. Also, after a time, maybe an hour, often I can connect successfully with all the same credentials.

Any thoughts?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Jason4711, strange! I was able to create a test meeting with a 1 character password and join.. 


You could share the Meeting join link with your users after enabling 'Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join' at which when sharing your meeting join link with the participants, they should just click on the link and it will redirect them into the meeting without a password (because its embedded) 


You could always save your meeting as a meeting template and recreate a new meeting to see if that resolves your issue as well. 



Zoom Community Moderator

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Sorry, maybe I didn't expalin very clearly.

1. I'm not the one creating the meeting

I have no problems creating meetings or hosting them, even changing the password

2. The only reason I mentioned the password being 1 character was to show that it is not just a problem with entering the password incorrectly. (It should be noted this problem has happened with longer passwords as well)

3. It's not restricted to just one host, leading me to believe that it's not a problem with the host's settings. In addition, using my wife's computer (also  windows 10, same zoom version as me, both of the up to date) I'm able to get into the meeting just fine.

4. I have not had this problem when clicking on a direct link (in email, etc), maybe because then there is no need to enter the password. However, in most of the zoom meetings I attend, the host cannot send an invite, there are too many people and it's a meeting open to the public. That is out of my hands. I must enter the zoom ID and password.

5. Since the history of the zoom meeting still shows up with the correct number, but with the name of the meeting changed (to just 'zoom meeting'), it makes me think there is some problem with a cache issue on the windows version. On my phone I can clear the cache easily, but there seems to be no way to do so on windows. I can clear the history (which does not fix the problem as stated above)

6. Finally, very very strangely, I can usually attend after a short time, maybe 30 minutes to an hour later. If I just keep trying to join, eventually it will let me. 


Any thoughts?

We are having the same problem and it does look like a client problem. I can not log in using the password  from another organization but if i go to a browser it allows me to log in but then lose my "profile settings, backgrounds etc" Updating the client (and other troubleshooting) does not resolve. Any thoughts from Zoom?

Looks like clearing the cache resolves this issue. I had to enable zoom apps and then go to clear cache to access and clear. Then restart and now works. 

I have one client (student) who often (but not always) has the meeting password refused. When I email her a link to connect directly, she receives a message that the address is invalid. She is the ONLY client that has this problem. Also, where do you find the "check for updates" section now? So frustrating!


I had this similar issue today which is how I found your comment because I was invited to join a meeting and I had the correct ID and password and was logging in through my PC and it kept saying the password was incorrect but when I logged in through my tablet it allowed me to log in to the meeting. 

Same problem for me! Any solutions found?



You may have login issues/wrong password if a person "kicked" you out of a zoom meeting previously.  To resolve the issue you may want to have the host send you a direct invite. 


How can you reach anyone at Zoom to fix these problems? This forum just has people repeated the same problem with no change ever happening. My own personal password is rejected every time I log in. My password is remembered by Chrome and is exactly right everytime. But I have to reset everytime. Why? I have NOT FORGOTTE N my password. This is a programing problem where my current password is rejected. I can even duplicate this within minutes. If I go out and come back I will get "Wrong email or password" even though I just reset it and neither is wrong. It is such a waste of time resetting my password every day. Why is Zoom so unresponsive? Mindless FAQs and chat room visits result in no action as exhibited by this thread. No attempt by Zoom to fix the problem at all is posted here. Does anyone know how to escalate a problem to Zoom to get actual help rather than just dithering away on Community sites?


Same thing happened to me.