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How to unassign a Zoom event license


My organization currently has 7 licenses.  We want to reduce that to 6.  In Billing/Current Plans/Edit Current Plans I changed our quantity from 7 to 6.  A pop-up window said "At least 1 license needs to be unassigned by <our renewal date>.


I checked the support article "Assigning Zoom Licenses" (


It talks about "revoking" a Zoom license.  QUESTION: is "revoking" the same as "unassigning"???


Under "How to revoke" the article says:


  • To the right of the user you want to unassign a license from, click Edit.
    A new window will open.
    Note: Use the Search field to search for and add a user that is not listed.
  • Unselect the Zoom Events checkbox.
  • Click Save.

There is no such check box!!!  Here's a screen shot:



QUESTION: What do I need to do to unassign the license???


In poking around, I clicked on the ellipses next to "Edit" next to the user name.  One of the options was "deactivate".  So I tried it.  I seem to have an available license now, so I'm hoping that "deactivate" was the right thing to do.


Thanks in advance for any help.  And apologies in advance if this question has been answered--I searched the community but could not find anything.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



By deactivating, you deactivated the user. In the screenshot of the popup above you only need to change from Licensed to basic and save. 

Don't forget to reactivate that user, otherwise he is going to have a bad day.





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Actually I am not sure exactly what you want here. If it just a Zoom pro license, then the procedure I mention above solves it. 

If it is related to Zoom Event, that is an added license and should be an option under Large Meeting and Webinar. Just deselect the Zoom Events checkbox, save and that is it.



Zoom Zoom


Thanks for the replies.  Which seem to work.


What am I trying to do?  Deleting a Pro license that my organization no longer needs (while keeping our 6 other licenses).


Also, I hope you took notice of the fact that the screen messages and help file are just plain wrong, and should be fixed.  I'm talking about the message on a billing screen that says ""At least 1 license needs to be unassigned by <our renewal date>.", and the support article here:  "Assigning Zoom Licenses" (


Nowhere did anything say to change the license from "Pro" to "Basic".