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Extra Cloud Recording Storage and licensed users under the same account


When subscribing to an extra Cloud Recording Storage plan, is this extra space shared between all the licensed users under the same account?


For example, if I have 2 licensed users and subscribe to the 100GB storage on the main account, will both users be able to use this 100GB to store meeting records?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Yes, all Zoom cloud storage space is shared by all licensed users on the account. 

If I am paying for 2 licensed users shouldn't they both have 100GB to use? I paid the same for both users.

Can both licensed users see all of the meetings and recordings of the meetings? 

I am not able to attend meetings and I need an alternative host to be able to record the meetings and download the recordings. This is possible correct? How?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I believe the standard cloud storage allotment for each licensed user is 5GB/license, although you can certainly purchase additional cloud storage space.  If you have 2 licenses on your account, you should have 10GB shared between them, unless you've purchased more storage space. 

Users cannot see each others recordings by  default, but a user that is promoted to the Admin role, can view all recordings on the account via the Recording Management page. This is not advised, as it gives that user lots of additional access you may not want them to have. 
I've responded to the last question in your reply on the Cloud Recording as a Co-Host thread. 

Hope that helps!