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Custom image using web client


Hi all

I'm guessing the answer to this is a big fat no, but thought I'd ask anyway. 

When attending a zoom meeting via the web client, is there any way to tell zoom to use a static image where the live video would go? I believe this is possible when attending meetings using the desktop client, but the web client seems different and more limited.

I'm wanting to use the web client because it seems simpler to attend meetings. I can have a hyperlink that supplies the password and it saves me from having to remember a list of passwords for different regular meetings. Desktop client doesn't seem to allow sending password and prompts me every time while web client just goes to the meeting.




Have you considered using a 'virtual' camera setup?

There is an opensource (aka free) product called OBS Studio that allows you to edit what you present as your  video feed. I have sometimes prerecorded a 40s loop of myself sitting (for example) as an alternative instead of a static image.