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Connection Stability Issues


I recently upgraded my Internet provider from Comcast (1,000Mbps) to Google Fiber (5,000Mbps) and my Zoom connection is consistently unstable. Are there specific settings I should be aware of?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @bhwelliver 

I will assume you have the latest version of the Zoom App installed and I will suggest a few things that can help you narrow down the possibilities where the issue could be:

  1. Try joining the Meeting without the App, but just using the Web Browser and see if it makes any difference or the issue continues.
  2. Use a different device if you can; install (if not don yet) and try joining the Meeting from your Tablet or  Mobile phone: If the issue persists from different devices the issue is more like is on the network side.
  3. Use the Zoom Network Connectivity Tool to take some measurements of you network performance; I have found this built-in tool to be very useful; more information here:

If you are not familiar how to interpret the results, especially on the MTR Details here is some broad guidance:

RTTRound Trip Time and some times referred as DELAY -> The VoIP Standard recommends it to be under 150 msec but I know it works well with much higher values, however, the lower the value the better. Typically it shouldn't be much higher 50-60 msec but it depends how far the Zoom Data Center you are.

LOSE: This should be the data Packet Loss if I am not mistaken, and ideally should be Zero (0) but if you are in Wi-Fi and there is interference, and because of Internet is a "Best-Effort" network/service it might not be...but it should stay low well within 1-digit (if not zero) with the type of Speed you have.

JITTER:   This is "Variation of the RTT"; if you have a network that is congested, or instable,  this number could  be fluctuating a lot and if that is the case, you have an issue with your Local Network or your Internet Connection; this value should be within 1-digit or very low 2-digits values for the kind of Internet Speed that you have.


Last but not least: Consider you might have an issue with computer resources like CPU or RAM; take a look to how the Zoom App sees those resources:

On the Zoom App/Client, go to Settings > Statistics and take a look to to tabs on TOP.

- Overall CPU and Memory shouldn't in RED and if they are, some times it might cause the problems you are experiencing so check accordingly what could cause either the RAM or CPU to be over use.

- On the Audio and Video Tabs you are also observe (During a Meeting) how is your App/Network is doing with the "Latency (or RTT)", "Jitter", and "Packet Loss"


another thing you can check:  Internet Modem/Routers typically have a Web Interface that allow you to monitor Traffic, Packet Loss and Interface Port Errors and I doubt Google's setup is an exception to that.


NOTE: If all the above checking is coming back fairly OK...It is very likely you will have to Report the Issue to Google because there is something wrong with your Internet Setup, or the Modem/Router they gave you...or maybe a simple Firmware upgrade is all that is needed to fix it.


I hope this helps. Vinnie.



I've used the tool and the parameters all seem within range. But I'm assuming they may/could differ based on when I'm doing the test.


Since I'm getting out of my league here I think I'll try contacting Google Fiber.