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Closed Caption button missing in previously existing meetings after enabling Live Transcript


My organization's IT dept auto-enabled all Closed Caption toggles (see image) but this new change only is applied to new meetings. However, most existing meetings are recurring and are hosted by other managers, who may be hesitant to delete & resend new meeting invites. Currently the old meetings do not have the Closed Caption Button (see other image - this CC panel does not exist in old meetings). How can I enabled Closed Captions in old meetings when the button isn't there?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @BremeBreaker, by the look of your profile settings and your second attached screenshot CC Button.png of the "missing CC button", and I don't believe you're missing the options of closed caption? If you're not seeing the closed caption button within the Meeting on the Zoom desktop client, I would suggest the following: 


- Have you tried updating your Zoom client? Or uninstalled and reinstalled?

- Try signing out of the Zoom desktop client and signing back in 

- Suggest recreating the recurring meetings 


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I did not attach any screenshots of the existing meetings. Here is a screenshot of new meetings that were created and still don't have CC attached.


I have already done the following:

- Have you tried updating your Zoom client? YES

- Try signing out of the Zoom desktop client and signing back in  YES

- Suggest recreating the recurring meetings. YES - asked people to recreate meetings