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Chat Problem on iPadOS


After the recent update, Zoom now makes using external and Bluetooth keyboards harder for iPad users. Now, pressing the “enter” or “return” key on your keyboard doesn’t send your message in Chat. It only opens up new lines to type on. Before the update, pressing “enter” sent the message and you could also add additional lines to it by holding down “shift” and pushing “enter.”

Before the update, an external keyboard with iPadOS Zoom worked just like it does with the MacOS Zoom app, in terms of chat usability. 

This needs to be fixed! 



I absolutely agree!! This has become very frustrating if you only have a keyboard and don’t have a mouse. Yes, you can also tap the SEND button on the screen but sometimes I miss it and the chat dialog box goes away and I need to start over again.  @Bri any thoughts on why this has happened? Thanks!