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Add the option to take remote control "With Copy and Past" enabled ...



It seems over several updates the "Copy and Past" functionality has been severely broken during remote desktop control. There are many users, using this feature to provide support and collaborate with others. 

17K Viewers agree ... 

Currently the steps are vague to get this functionality to work currently, I would like to share the suggestion for further development ... Keep in mind if people are asking for remote support, the likely have very little understanding of Zoom and finding another option to enable Clip board sharing on top of allowing remote control is an unnecessarily arduous process. Thus we need a "Very Simple" solution.

Please add the option to "Request Remote Control" with "Clipboard Sync" enabled OR after requesting control, a way to request clip board sync.  If there are steps that Zoom requires from the OS to allow screen sharing or Clipboard support, the customer should be provided with a URL link directly for the OS to allow such behavior to work.

Please strongly consider this suggestion, as it will greatly impact the overall quality of the service Zoom provides. 

Thank you.



How to Enable "Copy and Past"?   


I use Zoom for remote support primary,  and face issues with each client each time I have a remote meeting where support is needed, trying to get "non-technical"  "non-Zoom" users to allow remote control and clip board access with each request.

If i'm work with a Mac, PC, Linux  ... etc ... the process procedure should be the same from my point of view. Request remote control ( with clipboard support ) as I require data collection using this feature and some times to provide complicated Shell or SQL commands with accuracy (avoiding typing them out).

Thank you.