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Accidentally send direct message to everyone


Was in a zoom meeting with 100+ people and tried to send a direct message to a participant and instead it sent a direct message to everyone. ie everyone got a direct message from me (distinct from a post from me to everyone). You can imagine the confusion. 

In the message log it listed no recipient just the word 'You' and the time. 

If it makes any difference the person I was messaging just has a 6 digit number as their name (the reason I was messaging them - to ask them to change it so we knew who they were)

Any ideas anybody?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Send a private message

If the host has enabled private chat, participants can communicate with each other privately in the meeting. Hosts can't see private chats between participants.

  1. While in a meeting, tap More 


    and then tap Chat


  2. In the Send to: drop-down menu, tap the name of the participant you want to chat with directly.
  3. Enter your message in the chat window.
  4. Tap


    to send your private message.
    Your message will appear in the chat window indicated by a (Direct Message)notification above the message.

Here’s a link to a Zoom support article with more information regarding private messaging: 


Thanks. Apologies for not being clear. I know how to send a direct message but don't understand why it didn't work this time and wondered if anyone else had experienced this apparent bug? I have reported it to Zoom. 


This is happening for us as well.  Even when I sign out of my company account and use my personal account, my direct messages go to Everyone. 

It has nothing to do with enabling direct messages.  


And this is happening across everyone on our team.