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Accessing My Google Contacts for Meeting Invitations


I have an updated of Zoom.  Previously all of my Google Contacts were available to me within Zoom to invite to a meeting that I was scheduling.  More precisely, I had 16 Google Contacts in a Group Name within Google, so that I could invite the entire group to a meeting, without typing each individual's email address.  All of that ability seems to be gone in the new Zoom.  I am unable to invite any of my contacts, even individual to a Zoom meeting.  And yet, accounting to my Zoom account I have hundreds of Contacts that Zoom can see, but all they are, are phone numbers, no names.  How do I get me contacts with their names back into Zoom?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @JohnHough5 welcome to the community! Are you scheduling the groups as a guest from Google Calendar ?


I was able to add the group as a guest within Google Calendar and Add the Zoom Conference details successfully from Google Calendar, using the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12.24.30 PM.png


I noticed that when you create a Google Group, it has its own email address, which made me wonder if you could use the group email address when adding attendees to your invitation from the Zoom Desktop client, as when testing, I was unable to type in the actual group name from the Zoom desktop client, whereas it would populate as shown in the screenshot above. For example, I created a group with and was able to add that email as the attendee within Zoom client, which then would invite the users within the group. Just some testing on my end!

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