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Zoom Simulive Webinar NOT WORKING


I have been hosting multiple recurring webinars with Zoom (and an integration with Skilljar) for several months using the Simulive webinar type. Starting last week, my Simulive webinars are no longer working. I use the Zoom webinar link to join the webinar, but when I join the video and audio do not play. It is just a blank screen. The chat features work so I know the screen is not frozen. I had several webinar participants tell me they are also not able to see or hear the webinar. The more I test this issue the more it seems to happen. At this point I'm extremely frustrated that my customers are not able to access these webinars. Support has not be helpful so far - has anyone else experienced this issue and if so how were you able to resolve it? 


1. My internet connection is good. 

2. I am using Chrome, which has never been an issue in the past.

3. I have cleared my cache.

4. My Zoom is on the latest version. 

5. No firewall or security settings are blocking Zoom.

6. I work from home - I am the only device on my network. 

7. I have tested on multiple devices.

8. I have a ticket open with Zoom support, but they have not been able to help yet. 

9. I do not currently have access to another webinar platform - but budget is allocated to Zoom. 

10. The main feedback is that the issue happens most often when using the Zoom link provided, but it also sometimes happens with users are trying to log into the webinar via Skilljar.


Any other suggestions are welcomed. 


Bump to refresh this question as I just experienced a very similar situation. I have a series of 6 simulive webinar replays scheduled and today on webinar replay number four, every time me and my co-hosts would join, the screen where the video replay would normally display just had the spinning wheel of death. I had five co-hosts and only one was able to eventually seen the video display. Three of the five individuals were on the same in-office hardwire internet connection and one of those was able to eventually see the video. 

I also had numerous attendees tell me they couldn't see the video either. I've had no issues with my other replays, this is the first instance of this occurring. No settings were changed on our end between today's webinar and my previous one in the series. Wondering if there was an update that changed something on the Zoom side as our team also noticed updates to the Q&A experience. 


I opened a support ticket but waiting to hear back. 

The Zoom support team ended up saying this was a bug and resolved it. I reached out to my Account Manager and that helped get it resolved faster. Hopefully they can get back to you soon!