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View on webinar recording - speakers overlapping slides


Hi - last time we recorded a webinar with screen share and multiple speakers on the recording the speakers covered over the slides so that when i went to send it out afterwards to those not attending it was useless as the speakers covered most of the data. Does anyone know how this happened as doesn't usually and want to ensure it doesn't happen again - view the recording that went wrong here:



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

PLEASE write to Zoom Support directly so they can add your request for side-by-side (no overlap) to the list of customers requesting this. We have requested it as well!

For the time being, your best option is to enable cloud recording and record both active speaker and content separately. There is no way to 'force' side-by-side view of speaker and content when they're in the same recording, unless you're sharing content with an atypical aspect ratio (maybe 4:3 - I don't have the specifics. 16:9 is definitely a no-go). From there, you can combine the clean recordings using Premiere or another NLE.

Big flaw, as far as I'm concerned - I don't think the overlapping look is ever desirable - looks unprofessional and also cuts off valuable content being shared.


I totally agree and cannot believe that the Zoom folks have not created various options to record. This is an essential tool for my organization. (side note - I could care less about avatars or goofy filters).