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Problem with Zoom Events license


We recently upgrades our PPA Zoom Sessions License to a PPA Zoom Events License.  I got a notification that our Zoom Sessions license has been revoked and confirmation the Zoom Events license invoice has been paid but when I log into Zoom Events Account I can see our events etc but there is a notification that Access is denied. Under our upcoming event there is a notification that license is expired. There is also a notification that I will lose all events in 2 days if a new license is not assigned.  I reached out to Billing & Support and they have sent to technical team but it has been 5 days without a response or resolution. 1 event scheduled yesterday could not take place and we have another one coming up shortly so need to resolve ASAP.

I assumed the changeover would happen automatically and I would see the extra features the Events license has would just show up.

In our Zoom One Pro Account it shows all licenses assigned. Is there something I need to do at my end?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Zmoo you should login into and check if you have assigned yourself the new PPA Events license. Once you assign it to yourself you will then be able to create a new events hub for this license when you login to the events portal.