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Learn why Canva uses BrightHire Interview Assistant App with Zoom for their hiring team

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Did you know that millions of interviews happen with Zoom Meetings?


If you are on the hiring or recruiting team, learn more about  why BrightHire Interview Assistant and Zoom Meetings are better together, casting a spotlight on one of the many apps that customers rely on to get their work done.


According to Amy Schultz, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Canva:

“We already love Zoom and use it for everything, and then when it comes to BrightHire, the key benefit for us is that it integrates with our applicant tracking system. The ATS is connected to a broader HR tech stack including other HRIS like Workday, our employee voice tool, and even survey tools like Culture Amp. The ability to easily pass data from our ATS into BrightHire about interview questions and then conduct interviews within Zoom Meetings to get a holistic view of notes, scores, and insights, is invaluable.” 



Thank you for sharing @SharonMarkowitz ! Very insightful 💼

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