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Spell Check in Zoom Chat?


One of my users just complained to me that "Zoom Chat no longer does spell check."


Now, I've been using Zoom since 2014 and I honestly never noticed whether or not Zoom Chat does spell check.  We did turn on chat encryption in 2017 so I figured that might have something to do with it (maybe to do spell check, it had to connect to an external server, and when you turn on end-to-end encryption for Chat, it no longer connects to this server and therefore, no more spell check).


But, this user says no, his spell check stopped working a few months ago, not way back in 2017.  So I have no idea on this--I can't think of any change that would have taken place a few months ago that would cause a once-existing spell check to stop working.  Does anyone else seem to have spell check working in their Zoom Chat?  Is it possible it's being done by Windows (and not necessarily Zoom), and maybe something changed in his Windows build that stopped spell check from running in Zoom chat?  Any tips for enabling spell check in Zoom Chat?


Community Champion

As far as I am aware, Zoom is not performing spell-check itself. Not sure what exactly the app relies on for spell-check (OS system spell checking, MS Word spellcheck, etc). I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app, to see if that would help re-establish the connection to the spell-checking systems. 

Community Champion

@StefanScherbik Bort is correct that this is not controlled in the Zoom application.  Could you please check if the following is enabled on your computer and please make sure to either restart or quit the Zoom application (right click on the Zoom icon in the task bar and select "Quit Zoom") if you enabled it as it will not immediately take in the application until restarted.


  1. Windows OS version must be win 8.1 or above;
  2. In Windows Settings->Typing->spelling/typing, turn on "Highlights misspelled words" option, you can also turn on "Autocorrect misspelled words" option if you want enable auto-correct feature




My user said that the Typing settings in Windows were enabled properly yet it still wasn't working.  But now he says it spontaneously started working... I think it was just a user error all along.