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is workplace pro now workplace vivo?


So many issues all of a sudden.

I use computer platform, workplace pro, individual account. Very simple and basic one-on-one meetings.


I saw a notice about Workplace Pro may be changing to Workplace Vivo.

Does this apply to me?


I'm not allowed live help. Hoping to obtain answers here, and also for my other posts made yesterday - I can't even log-in to Zoom account at all using Google browser.  It has worked absolutely fine for several years.  ?

I wonder if Vivo situation is affecting my log-in to Zoom.  ?

I appreciate assistance.   


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @massachusetts1 


Workvivo is part of the Zoom family. Where did you see a notice stating Workplace Pro may be changing to Workplace Vivo? If it was an email, it sounds like possible phishing. 


If you have a paid Pro account and are unable to sign in, there should be an option regarding account access you can select to receive live help. Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies on your device?


SK, Thank you for replying.  Workvivo notice showed up right after signing in when the Zoom was allowing log-in. And the notice was there and then disappeared quickly.  But this was maybe 2-3 wks ago.


I tried all ways to reach someone at Zoom. I eventually figured out how to open a ticket. And someone replied.  They provided same advice - but to clear everything in Google.  I had already tried this.  Didn't work.

But today I figured out to delete the whole Google program from my computer (PC) and then reload it.  And this worked.  Zoom logged in immediately as it always has before.


I'm still not aware how to receive live assistance other than a "ticket".

Thank you.