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Zoom Subscription Nightmare: $10K Monthly Charge for a Year with No Refund in Sight!


Hello everyone,I'm reaching out to share a frustrating experience with Zoom in the hope that someone might have advice or that Zoom will finally take notice.Several months ago, we mistakenly purchased an annual Zoom webinar license for 10,000 participants, thinking we were only committing to one month. The cost is nearly CAD 10,000 per month. Realizing our mistake almost immediately, we contacted Zoom customer support to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, our requests for a refund have been consistently denied. Instead, Zoom insists we must pay for at least six months of this incredibly expensive subscription.Despite our efforts, including exchanging numerous emails and even involving our credit card company to block further charges, Zoom managed to withdraw another CAD 10,000 last month under a different name. This has been extremely stressful and financially draining.We're now seeking any possible solutions or advice from this community. Has anyone else faced a similar situation with Zoom or another company? How did you resolve it? Any tips on getting through to Zoom’s higher management or legal team would also be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance for your help!



This company is a ruthless vampire when it comes to not being able to get refunds, not being able to unbundle payment methods, not being able to cancel subscriptions