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Where is my paid licence?? SOS ! idelhema


We are HELLENIC SOCIETY HAEMATOLOGY FOUNDATION and it was needed to have a full access without interuption at our meetings with each other and the patients. So we decided to choose your platform for our needs.

At  12/2/2024 we bought a full licence for one year for Zoom One Pro 149.90 Euro for idelhema (billing attachement). The licence was registred to idelhema

At 23/2/2024 the President of the Foundation had to have a confindetial meeting with patients and doctors. So we transfer the lincence to her to host the meeting.  It was a one time licence transfer.

At 28/2/2024 because we couldn't use the full services of Zoom platform (as for your transfer licence terms policy) we bought  by accident an extra licence paid by month (billing attachment). We canceled it immediatly. 

At 12/3/2024 you canceled every licence and we have returned at the Basic use.

We would like to reactivate the licence to idelhema  for Zoom Pro use. Or else, we would like to refund us the money, because we paid for a whole year and we only use it for a month.







Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @idelhema


Canceling your subscription (or downgrading account licenses or add-ons) essentially turns off auto-renewal, and the cancellation is effective at the end of the service period. For assistance with your account or license, please Contact Billing. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this type of assistance through Zoom Community.


Zoom error code: “exceeded the limit of license assignment”