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Urgent Assistance Needed: Trouble Cancelling Zoom Webinar Add-On!🚨


Hi Team,

I am trying to cancel zoom webinar add-on Subscription and the Zoom is not allowing me to do so.

I have also raised a request - BIL0342352 & It seems no one is listening.


Whenever I try to cancel, I get this error - "You are unable to cancel, downgrade or decrease your monthly add-on subscription until the end of your annual subscription's billing cycle. Contact Us if you have any questions."


I have also screen recorded to help better understand the scenario.


Please help, I don't want to keep paying for this add-on bill as I am not using it.






Same issue here.  It seems like Zoom is unwilling to follow their terms of a monthly subscription, not an annual one.  They continue stating that we are somehow locked into an annual contract when everything indicates otherwise.  We have reached out several times and continue to receive a response from the same person even though I have asked to speak to someone else.


They in fact Billed me again. While I am not using their Webinar Product. Is this community for real. Can't anyone help on this. Urgent Assistance Needed: Trouble Cancelling Zoom Webinar Add-On!🚨 


The Zoom Support is now intentionally Kicking me out of their chat support. This is really not expected from such a big brand. They should have basic courtesy to explain things with clarity.


I'm having the same issue, but I have a way out.

I just got a totally different credit card and I was planning on canceling the old one anyway.

So I'm canceling the account, getting a dummy email account to get a whole new plan on the new credit card, and canceling positively everything on the old account with a stop payment order going in first thing in the morning, and canceling the old credit card so it's not possible for Zoom to bill me again.

Apparently everyone is having this problem, and this ridiculous work-around seems to be the only way, as Zoom is, by way of principle, intentionally utterly useless in "customer support".