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Unable to purchase an additional month of Webinar with one subscription already active


My business account has one one-month webinar subscription which is active until May 12th which we used to hold a webinar last week. We would like to hold a webinar on May 22nd as well, so I am trying to purchase an additional month of webinar to either replace our current plan or lengthen the subscription by 1 month. This seems simple but is completely impossible to do online.


When I try to edit our webinar subscription, I am unable to add a month or switch to an annual plan. After selecting the new plan, entering payment details, and clicking Place Order I get the error message "i is undefined" in Firefox, and a similar javascript error message in Edge. When I try to "add another Webinar plan" on top of the existing one, I am only able to select much more expensive plans for larger webinars with no option for adding another 500 person Webinar plan.


I have emailed every support contact I had and spent hours on the phone, and when I finally got through to someone, they weren't authorized to view our plan details?? After escalating my ticket, someone finally got back to me today and answered a completely different question that I didn't ask without offering any help related to purchasing another month of webinar.


Does anybody else have experience with this Webinar plan issue or the error messages I was getting? If my user creates a webinar with our current plan, will this webinar be deleted when we switch plans?




we are having the same issue.  I am very interested in the solution.