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Reporting an Integrity Issue


I have a meditation program that includes a group that meets every day for a meditation. I wanted it to play automatically every day  - every hour.
I bought the special "event" package - and it was not cheap.
Within 24 hours - we discovered that this service did not work on mobile devices. No where did we see - or did a customer service/sales person we talked to about what we needed say - this was the case. In fact - most of the representatives didn't even know this was the case until we asked continually about it. We went through at least 3 service/sales people before it was found out that this service does not work on mobile devices.
Zoom is saying because we signed up for an annual package - they can't refund us our money.
We had to find another service which did what we needed it to - that was also not inexpensive - but Zoom is now refusing to refund us, even though they didn't give us the correct info.
I have always been a big fan (and consumer) of Zoom products. This experience has put a sour taste in my mouth now and makes me very sad.
For $1000 they are ready to throw away a happy customer. I'm on hold at the moment and have been for over 30 minutes to try and reach someone. Even the extensions number on the Zoom representative isn't working so I just called the regular number. Horrible customer service and policies being implemented.
I'm not sure who sees this message - but I hope someone reads this and is willing to make this right!
Kim Fiske