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No access to email; cannot log into account


1. I have tried every troubleshooting option that Zoom has identified in various places.  I say this because I don't need to be directed to support pages like this one.  I have tried literally everything.


2. When I try to log into my Zoom account, a security message pops up and it sends a link to my email address.


3. I no longer have access to the email associated with my Zoom account. As a result, I cannot access the email that Zoom is sending.


4. I want to either cancel my subscription or change the email associated with my account to another one.


The bottom line is for me to contact support, I have to log into my account.  I am unable to because I can't log into my email account.


I had to create a new account to even post this question because you can't post questions without logging into your account. 





I have the same problem, can somebody help us here?


Many thanks.


I am facing the same issue. Email no longer exists, Zoom sending codes to this email, etc. While searching through posts like yours to find answers, I seem to be unlucky. I have a second (free) Zoom account and attempted to file a ticket (concerning my other Zoom business account), but I received a message stating that Zoom's records indicate the email address provided in the request is not associated with an active Zoom account, making them unable to respond to my open ticket. I also called the Zoom phone number and provided my Zoom ID and Host ID, and similarly, they stated that the Zoom account does not exist! It's perplexing—I am signed in to the free account and providing information indicated in this account, yet Zoom tells me this account does not exist. What a nightmare...


Guys, have any of you had any luck in finding a solution?



I guess no one will reply. Silverspur75 posted the question about 10 days ago, and there has been no reaction from anyone. I posted mine yesterday. I assume the only possibility is to block all payments to Zoom through your bank account and wait until Zoom does something about it. In my case, since I have running webinars on Zoom that I personally conduct, I will first block the monthly Zoom payments on the account that I cannot access any longer. Then, I will create a new Zoom business account so I can continue with my business. What a shame on Zoom that none of the employees are reacting to this issue and to our requests.


I have access to the email account, but I'm not receiving the OTP. I'd like to disable the OTP option, but the platform requires me to sign in first - using the OTP that I don't receive. The stupid chat bot just ends up in an endless loop always requiring sign in. I had to create another account just to contribute to this thread. I don't want to pay for another subscription, but I run online classes and need this resolved ASAP. Please help Zoom