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Merging 2 accounts


I have 2 e-mail addresses within my company, one with my maiden name, and an alias with my ex's last name. When we got invitations to create our pro zoom accounts a few years ago, I used my e-mail with my ex's last name. Last week, our company switched to Zoom phones, and when they added it to "my account" they sent it to the e-mail with my maiden name, so now I have 2 accounts. I would just abandon the old account (the one with the married name) but all of our faculty (about 40 people) have added that old account as a proxy for them so that I can schedule meetings for them. It was a long process to get them to do that in the first place, let alone do it again. So I was wondering if there was any way that I can merge the two accounts which are both licensed under the same company.