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Improve user management


As Zoom administrator, I would like to add following feature request.


Better options for managing users would be beneficial.


In Users list, it would be beneficial to have more options for Advanced search to filter users:

  • Creation date (after/before/range dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Email/Name ID contains/do not contain/is etc.
  • Department contains/do not contain/is etc

After filtering users, select all/some of filtered users for a bulk user management operation.


Bulk operations

  • assign role
  • delete
  • deactivate etc.

Use case behind this:

  • When someone has left the company (university in our case), her/his user account still seems to stay on Zoom. (We are using SSO - users are created automatically but not deleted)
  • It is possible to deactivate and delete this user manually.
  • However, in large organisation such a manual work is time-consuming for admins.
  • Also, finding (filtering) these users is difficult.
  • We would like to see options to automatise this "cleanup" task.

I already found this thread - using REST API could be an option for bulk operations, but an admin interface tool would be still a beneficial option.


Best regards,