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Locked out of Zoom account


I have a free Zoom account associated with my main Gmail address that I've been using for many years. Recently, I had a nasty phone crash that left me unable to access my old device. Thankfully, most of my data was backed up, but now I'm having trouble using Zoom. I had to reinstall the Zoom app on my new phone, and although I have my account's user name and password, I'm unable to get past 2FA, since I no longer have access to the codes in the authentication app I was previously using, nor can I find my backup recovery code.


I'm still thankfully logged in to Zoom through the desktop app on my laptop, but when I go to account settings there to try to turn off 2FA, it sends me to the website, and then I run into the same issue -- not being able to log in cause I can't get past 2FA -- so it's a catch-22. The only way I'm even able to post this message here is because I created a new, temporary account using a different email address to access the website (but it's an address I rarely use, so it's not feasible to keep using this account going forward).


On the webpage where I was unable to log in, it said I could contact customer support, but then on the customer support page, it said that technical support isn't available to free customers. The thing is, I'd consider paying to upgrade my account if it meant I'd get customer support to fix this, but there's no way I can even do that without being able to get past 2FA in the first place! So does that mean I'll never be able to use this account on my phone ever again??


I've seen other people post similar queries here in the Zoom community in the past, and a few Zoom representatives replied, offering to help them out. I've tried responding to those threads, asking if they might be able to assist me as well, but I haven't received a response, so I figured I'd start this new discussion. If there's anyone out there who might be able to help me, please let me know!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi   @jimson8 


Thank you for reaching out to Zoom Community! I recommend that you submit a ticket for assistance. 


Will they be able to help me? The reason I posted a query here in the Zoom community is because your website says that basic users can only submit tickets for billing support, not technical problems. I'm not sure where else to turn for assistance outside of these forums!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You should be able to submit a ticket for a 2FA issue.


Troubleshooting issues with one-time passcodes

Did not receive the verification code email

If you are not receiving the OTP emails in your inbox, search your spam folder as sometimes the emails end up there. Learn more about troubleshooting issues related to not receiving emails from Zoom.


If none of those steps resolve the issue, submit a request to Zoom Support.


Don’t have access to the email where the verification code is sent

If you no longer have access to the email inbox where the verification code is being sent, submit a request to Zoom Support.

OK. I'll give that a try. Thanks.