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How to end my subscription


I've signed into the website and navigated around my account. I've checked the plan I am on but can't find my renewal date. I've surfed around, and gone to my billing email. It shows a headphone icon and invites me to reach out and Zoom will help. Click that and go to a page of options to make contact. None provide a direct number to call. I find the phone number and call. After a few selections it springs on my to provide my account number. I end the call and find my account number and call back, and enter it. Then it springs on me it wants my zip code. Complete barrier to entry. CRM. Customer rejection management. How, in the UK, would I have a zip code? What am I meant to enter here? UK Post codes are usually 2 letters, number, gap number, letter letter. This is an IMPOSSIBLE demand. Total barrier. So I call through sales and by this point I am fuming. I am cancelling as I do NOT give money or support companies that are not accessible, inclusive and user-friendly